We are a design studio and furniture shop in Denver CO.

furniture products / custom furniture / interior design & build



We believe in the potency of thoughtful and intentional living.

We believe the things we surround ourselves with are an expression of ourselves, they create an environment which has an affect on us, and they contribute to our sense of place. We look to connect and harmonize our products with people and the spaces they live in, in a way that makes their lives better.

We believe in the power of good design to enrich our lives.

We aim to create furniture that does this.

simple. useful. beautiful.


justin pollom - founder / designer / builder

hello all,
I am a curious fellow that loves creating and spends most of my time covered in sawdust. I am a risk taker by nature and am constantly challenging or thinking about the things around me. I believe that life is a beautiful, fun and challenging adventure. I think that whatever you do in life, you should aspire to do it really well, and to do it in a way that contributes to the people around you. I believe that life should be taken seriously and done with a smile. My personal goals are to continuously learn, contribute to my community and have a positive influence on people’s lives.

When I graduated with my masters degree in Architecture I was inclined to try out designing and building furniture. This quickly turned into my passion. My studies were very formative to my approach and process of designing. It makes me happy to see people enjoying, using and living with the things that we create.

a good cup of coffee, talking to my dogs, would-you-rather questions

sometimes people ask me what I do, and i black out, only to realize I've just passionately talked their ear off for 10 minutes. I choose travel destinations that inspire me

yes, i live in the middle of the country, still trying to figure this one out skateboarding helps with this


Our vision is to make people’s daily lives a little better by giving them simple, useful and beautiful items.

We want to help people create beautiful environments that contribute to a meaningful sense of place.

While the basic functions of furniture may stay the same, we try to develop new and innovative ways to address modern times.

We design, prototype and build in-house.


We look to follow the time-honored principles of simple clean forms, the use of natural materials and creating beauty through functionality and craftsmanship.


We believe that if things can be distilled down to their most basic functions, in the simplest way possible, that something beautiful happens. There is a powerful effect of clearness, precision and thoughtfulness.


We believe that natural materials will always be relevant because they will always feel nice to touch and they tell a story that cannot be replicated. Wood for example is a sustainable material that is incredibly useful, resilient and beautiful. That being said, we are very curious about experimenting with fun and new hybrid materials.


The most basic functions of furniture are the prerequisites to any project. If a chair isn't comfortable, no one will sit in it. We think of the functionality in 3 categories:

  1. Structure - first of all it must be structurally resilient and built to last

  2. Human Factors - secondly it must be designed to serve human factors such as comfort, ergonomics, usability, proportions, touchability and very importantly to look nice to the eye.

  3. Evolved Usability - thirdly we try to explore how we can expand on the basic functions of furniture to serve more specific and unique factors ( such as displaying your bike as art + storage )


When something is built accurately and neatly, not only does it last, the quality can be seen. We take pride in making things well.

We use both traditional methods and new technologies. Some things just have to be done by hand, and other things can be aided with new technologies. We believe both are relevant.

Photography by Dustin Roderick