s k a t e

" life is a lot like skateboarding "

- lil wayne -



I have a lot of skateboards.  Every so often I ll go buy another one.  Maybe a little longer, maybe with softer wheels, maybe one that just looks cooler.  I've always wanted a perfect hybrid skateboard that I keep leaned against the wall and grab on my way out.  Great for cruising to grab some coffee or maybe slash a little bank like I'm surfing.  But also one that looks nice sitting out in the living room. 





Usually the answer is an old school board or look alike.  Skateboarding has a short history, but because of this the progression is very noticeable.  When you look at old school boards you see a story; one about an evolving counterculture that evolved from surfing but became its own thing.  This is expressed by experimental shapes, rail guards and crazy colors.  Their just really cruisable and interesting.





I wanted to create the board I had always wanted.  A great cruiser that was wide and not too long.  One that had basic functionality like a concave and tail kick.  But also one that was simple, modern and beautiful.  These thoughts had been marinating for a while so I had quite a few things I wanted to try.  I decided to prototype some of the ideas and give them as gifts to some of my friends and family.